Sat. UPDATE: North AR Elec. Coop Continues Working

SALEM, AR (KAIT) - North Arkansas Electric update for Saturday February 7th.

North Arkansas Electric Cooperative members without power is now below 15,500.  Crews continue to work to restore power to those left in the dark from last week's ice storm.

According to Mel Coleman, CEO of North Arkansas Electric Cooperative, the 700+ men out in the field working are making significant progress in each of the counties we serve.  The process of restoring power starts at the substation.  Crews then move to feeders, then to single phase lines.  After which, crews come back and work individual taps.

"We have not forgotten anyone," stated Coleman.    "Power restoration is not driven by what we want to do, or who we want to restore, but by the physics of how our system is constructed.  Our guys will not quit until all of our members have power."

Co-op personnel at North Arkansas Electric continue to answer the phones 24 hours a day.  Updates of crew locations and outage totals by district are posted at by noon each day.  At this time the cooperative is continuing to restore power in the following areas:

District 1 which includes areas from Lake Norfork west:

5,900 members

District 2 which includes areas from Lake Norfork east to the Glencoe area:

5,200 members

District 3 which include areas from Horseshoe Bend to Glencoe & east to Ravenden:

4,400 members

NAEC has seen several members with damaged meter loops and bases.  When the equipment has been repaired, members need to contact the cooperative if they have not already done so.  A concerted effort to reconnect these services is being made with limited availability of personnel.

Additionally, many members have cleared trees and debris from power lines.  Many of these lines are being energized and now carry high voltage.  While this help has been greatly appreciated, the cooperative is strongly encouraging members to please discontinue this assistance.

North Arkansas Electric Cooperative serves approximately 35,000 member accounts in six different counties in Northern Arkansas.  It is one of 17 electric distribution cooperatives in Arkansas that provides electricity to over 465,000 cooperative members in Arkansas and surrounding states.

For additional information, contact:

Leah Rouse, North Arkansas Electric Cooperative, 870.895.3221 or