Boil Orders by County

Last Updated: February 6, 2009 - 7:20 a.m.

Baxter: Starlight Estates - Entire

Baxter: Autumn Scres MHP - Entire

Clay: St. Francis River Reg Water DD - Entire

Clay: Greenway Waterworks - Entire

Craighead: Lawrence Co Reg Water Dist. - Entire

Fulton: Fulton County Water Assoc. - Entire

Fulton: Hosanna Heights Water

Independence: Independence Jackson Regional - Entire

Izard: Oxford Waterworks - Entire

Lawrence: Alicia Water System - Entire

Lawrence: Lynn Waterworks - Entire

Randolph: Maynard Waterworks - Entire

Sharp: Williford Water - Entire

Sharp: Evening Shade Waterworks - Entire

Sharp: Deer Run Water Company - Entire

Stone: Sylamore Valley Water Assoc - Entire

Stone: Richwood Water Assoc. - Entire

Stone: West Stone County Water Assoc - Customers residing north of Hwy 263 and Old Brewer Rd.

White: Beebe Waterworks - Entire