Sikeston Update: Outages, Schools and More

The following information is from the Sikeston Department of Public Safety.

The Sikeston Emergency Operational Command held another briefing to review progress.  BMU's Wayne McSpadden said they made more progress today.  McSpadden said they were able to restore power to the Murray Lane feeder.  This progression brought power to some more areas in the Southwestern part of Sikeston.  In addition, power was restored to some areas in the Southeastern part of town.  McSpadden told the EOC there were three electrical crews coming tomorrow to assist in repairing home services.  These crews are from the cities of Jackson, Rolla, and Monett, MO. 
There are several new updates listed below from the various members of the EOC.  Please pay special attention to this information as many services have been adjusted due to our city's situation.
Sikeston DPS:
Wither's Broadcasting Company is allowing DPS to do public service announcements at their station, located two blocks from Sikeston City Hall.   This will be a valuable source of information to the public during this recovery period.  Everyday, we will be doing two broadcasts at their radio station, at 10am and 5pm.  These updates can be heard on the FM band, frequencies 107.1 (Star 107.1) and 97.9 (B97.9).  Star 107.1 is currently operating normally, however B97.9 should be operational some time in the next 24 hours.
Chief Drew Juden would like to remind those traveling through Sikeston to treat every inoperable traffic light as a four way stop.  Most everyone has been following this instruction; however there have been some near accidents at some of these intersections.  In addition, motorists who see emergency or electrical crews working are asked to turn around and avoid the area.  Driving through these areas when crews are working could result in an accident, so please find another route. 
Sikeston Public Works and Sanitation:
Sonny's Solid Waste will be collecting trash again on Tuesday.  This is normally designated as an alley pickup day; however you MUST put your trash in front of your home near the curb if you wish your trash to be collected.  This is true even if your alleyway is clear of debris.  Tuesday, 02-03-09, Sonny's Solid Waste will put a dumpster for food or other perishable items at the Sikeston Compost Site on Compress Road.  Residents of Sikeston can bring these perishable items to the compost site beginning 8am Tuesday.  This dumpster will be used for perishable items only.  It is intended for city residents; commercial dumping will not be permitted.
Public Works Supervisor Steve Lee reminds citizens who can't deliver their brush to the compost site, to stack the limbs in front of their home near the curb.  Please do not put this brush in the street or alleyways. 

Red Cross Shelter and Warming Stations:

Tuesday, 02-02-09, beginning at 9am, everyone being sheltered at the Sikeston Field House will be moved to the Miner Baptist Church on H Highway, in Miner.  There are about 120 displaced residents that will make the move to Miner Baptist.  The Red Cross and Miner Baptist will work together to help those in need.  Anyone who requires shelter will have to be housed at Miner Baptist from this point forward.  In addition, meals and water will be provided to those who need it, regardless if they are staying at this shelter.

Sikeston Public Schools:

Superintendent Steve Borgsmiller is looking to open the Sikeston Public Schools later this week.  Mr. Borgsmiller said they will use their automated phone system to notify parents of the reopening.  Parents should receive a phone notification 24 to 36 hours prior to the schools reopening.
Missouri Delta Medical Center:
MDMC announced today that their Operating Facilities has returned to full service.  Previously, the "OR" was for emergency surgeries only.
In addition, several physician offices have been moved for the efficient operation of the hospital.  These include:
  • Dr. Colleen Hunter and Lisa Colwick - Moved to the Dialysis Center at 135 Plaza Drive, Suite 102.
  • Dr. Said, Dr. Uthoff and Dr. Forhman - All moved to the Cancer Infusion Center at 1126 N. Main.
This move is only temporary and they will return in the near future.  All phone numbers have been set to be forwarded to their new office locations.  They can be reached at their regular office phone number.


Sikeston Emergency Operational Command held another briefing Monday morning.  In the meeting, Wayne McSpadden (BMU Operations Manager) stated the City of Sikeston was running a little above 40% on electrical power.  McSpadden added available residential power was a little lower, around 20%.  Currently, power outages are in various parts of the city and not a specific area of town.  He said they have experiences several gains and losses during this ordeal and they are continuing their efforts this week.
BMU again asks that if you have power to please conserve energy.  They are also asking you to turn you circuit breakers to the OFF position if your home is without power.  These two things can greatly affect their progress and they are asking for your help. 
Sikeston Public Works supervisor, Steve Lee, told the EOC that 95% of all the roads in Sikeston have been cleared.  Lee said they are expecting to finish clearing all of the city streets today.  Missouri's 1140th Army National Guard completed their health and welfare checks of Sikeston's residences yesterday.  All of the 1140th have left the city, with the exception of two crews who are continuing to assist the street department in debris removal. 
Steve Lee stated his crews have managing the city's compost site with minimal difficulty, even though they have received over 500 loads in the last two days.  Lee stated the hours of the compost site have now changed.  Until further notice, Sikeston Compost site on Compress Road will be open everyday from 7am to 4pm.  The city is encouraging anyone who is able to bring their limbs at the compost site themselves.  We have limited resources at this time and it may be several weeks before the city can begin collecting tree limbs.  With the amount of fallen limbs throughout the city, it could be a few months before Public Works gets to debris at your home.  Again, please do not place any limbs in the city's streets.
Please remember, city residents may burn anything that grows on their property.  However, limbs can be no larger than 2 inches in diameter and the fire must be attended at all times.  You must also have a water source and a yard tool (rake or shovel) nearby.  The city does not allow any hired services (tree trimming, etc) to burn on your property and burning isn't permitted when wind speed is over 10 mph.  Please keep this fire manageable, so that you can extinguish it with a garden hose if the need arises. 
Steve Borgsmiller, Superintendent for the Sikeston Public Schools, was also present during today's briefing.  Mr. Borgsmiller said power was restored to all of Sikeston's Schools with the exception of Lee Hunter and Southeast Elementary.  Although all of Sikeston Public Schools remain closed, talks are taking place on determining a date to reopen.  
In today's meeting, Sikeston Officials decided to continue the city's curfew, 10pm to 6am.  We realize this last week has been very difficult for our citizens.  We ask that those without power to please be patient.  We are doing everything we can to restore this power and help ease your situation.