Coming up on Region 8 News at 5

Coming up on Region 8 News at 5 and 6:

Region 8 News at 6 can be heard on 100.5 The Eagle and Mix 106.7 tonight.

Some stories we're tracking:

We will have the latest electricity outage numbers from around the area and when power may come back on for more residents.

FEMA has been in Region 8, so what have they been doing?  Josh Harvison is tracking this story and will have more on FEMA's response on Region 8 News at 5.

Also, many areas are still without electricity.  Keith Boles will show us how some residents are dealing with no electricity and no water.

Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan will tell us what the weather will be like for those out picking up after the Winter Blast and Mitch Lilly will have reaction to last night's 68-63 Arkansas State loss to Western Kentucky on Region 8 News at 5 and Region 8 News at 6.

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