Someone's shooting and killing dogs in St. Francis county

ST. FRANCIS COUNTY, AR (WMC) - At least twenty dogs have been shot in one Region 8 county.

Four of the animals have been killed in just the past month and police aren't sure who is pulling the trigger.

The most recent shooting spree started in St. Francis County, Arkansas about two weeks ago. In that time, a half-dozen dogs were shot and four of them killed by bullets. The story is shocking enough, but there could be more dogs.

The Sheriff of St. Francis County says many people may not have reported their pets were shot or they didn't know about it, thinking their dog just ran off.

Scott Fogg can't believe the family's dog is gone. Fogg said, "It's even worse when you try to explain to a 10-year-old why something like this would happen."

Someone shot and killed Shadow, a one-year-old part Border Collie, in the Fogg's own back yard a couple of weeks ago.

Fogg's son had been playing with the dog.  He went inside for about 5 minutes then came outside and found Shadow dead under this tree.

"It was terribly upsetting," said Fogg.

Scott Fogg's dog is one of at least 20 dogs that have been shot in the Forrest City area in the past year. The latest incident involved a female Husky. She was discovered shot and another dog was discovered dead. It's not clear how that dog died.

A mother dog was shot and killed. Her three puppies were not hurt.

Some of the dogs were in fields or in neighborhoods.

In January of this year 6 dogs were shot and four of them died. The Sheriff said the shootings seem to be escalating.

St. Francis County Sheriff Bobby May said, "I don't want to be creating a panic situation.  But Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and those guys, this is how they started off and it progresses so we want to get a handle on this early and we want to find out who is doing it."

The Sheriff said he has some information about at least 2 suspects. He met with his detectives and they are working hard to solve this mystery.

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