MO PSC Issues Storm Safety Message for Homeowners

PSC issues statement for residents of Southeast Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has an important safety message for customers without electric power due to ice storms in southeast Missouri: DO NOT try to self-repair any damage to customer-owned facilities outside your home.

An electrical contractor may be required to re-attach or repair these facilities before power can be restored.

A contractor could be needed if damage has occurred to the meter base, the point of attachment or to the weatherhead. (See the diagram below).

No funding is currently available to assist customers with repair expenses. "Customers are urged to contact 2-1-1 if they need financial assistance with repairs that require an electrical contractor," said PSC Chairman Robert M. Clayton III. "You will be placed on a list and contacted if funding becomes available," said Clayton. If using a landline phone, call 2-1-1. Cell phone users should call 1-800-427-4626.

The Public Service Commission also encourages customers to stay away from any downed power lines caused by the storms and report that to either utility or area government officials.


Your utility provider will install and maintain these components:

The "service drop" that carries power from the line to a home or business


The electric meter


Homeowners are responsible for these components. Only a qualified electrician should ever attempt to work on these parts.

The service bracket or pipe which protects the connection point for the lines that enter your home or business (2)

The "weatherhead" that keeps rain and other material out of the pipe


The pipe riser that protects the line entering the meter (4)

The meter box that protects all connections to the meter box


Please note that customers are responsible for maintaining trees around the service drop.