Preventing Power Up Problems

JONESBORO (KAIT) On Tuesday night a house just outside Black Rock went up in flames shortly after having the power applied.

Not every power up problem will result in a fire but it could knock you and your neighbors off line and back into the dark.

Monty Williams, Craighead Electric Coop. "Everything starting up at once our equipment may look at that as a fault and it could trip our equipment back down the road or at the substation and turn everybody off."

What you need to do is if you had limbs or a tree take down your power lines you need to get your weather head checked.

Williams, "It could pull some of the wires out of the connections at the meter base and if the loop is broke you need to get an electrician out to repair that."

Whether you have an inside or outside breaker box you need to throw some switches. Williams says to turn off all the breakers save one. Just enough to leave a light on inside or a porch light.

Also it doesn't hurt to turn off the furnace and unplug appliances and computers and televisions.

Williams, "When the power is on you can go back and turn them on one at a time."

It's also important to look for potential fire hazards, if you were using the stove when the power be sure and make sure the burners are clear and turned off.

Of course not every house will go up in smoke but the potential is there as well as the possibility of being put back in the dark again.

Williams, "That's why we would like them to trip these breakers and turn them back on individually when we get the power back on."