No School, But Kids are Still Learning

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) -- With no power many schools in Region 8 are out for the foreseeable future.  Teachers in Kennett are using this time away from the classroom to teach in a much different environment.

"They didn't bring anything with them so the teachers are volunteering their time and coming out and doing activities," said teacher Lori Telgen.

Teachers are reading to the kids, playing with the kids and helping them keep busy.  It's not just raising the children's spirits, but theirs as well.

"This has helped raise my spirits because it's easy to kind of feel bad because you have no power.  This has kind of given us all something to look forward to," said Telgen.

Teachers work in different shifts for two hours to keep kids entertained and it's not just kids at the shelter that are getting this special education.

"Mother and dad don't have electricity right now.  They're at work so I bring them up here and then they have activities," said Gail Staggs.

Students in the city have been out of school for a week and a half now.  It's unclear when they will go back to the classroom.

"I think they're all excited to come back and see their friends and do activities," said Telgen.

"They get out of the routine of what they're doing and it's hard on them," said Staggs.

Damage in Kennett is extensive to trees and power lines.  With only 25% of the power in the city restored it could be a while before school resumes.