Trumann Recovering after Storm

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) -- Trumann is just one of several Poinsett County towns recovering from last week's ice storm.  FEMA and Arkansas emergency management officials met with county and city leaders on Thursday to assess the damage.

"Probably the worst part of it is the power outages that people have to deal with," said Poinsett County Judge Charles Nix.

While the worst of it may be over for some, others are still without power.  Over in Trumann there are still some parts of the city without any power.

"We still have some pockets out in that area and the crews are out there working on them," said Trumann Mayor Sheila Walters.

The primary problem for most people is to get broken trees and limbs out of their yards.

"We've had a temporary pile of debris at our complex it was a good holding area for us.  We will begin transporting it this afternoon to our secondary location," said Walters.

That location is on 17 acres out in front of the wastewater facility in Trumann.  Not every Poinsett Ccounty city has this luxury, for some cities it may take longer to get the cleanup completed.

Smaller towns like Waldenburg have no maintenance crew or city trucks.  FEMA is in the county assessing damage to the infrastructure and tree damage and they're working with the towns to determine the next steps.