Stand Off In Jonesboro Ends Peacefully

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- After holding police at bay for several hours, a standoff has finally come to an end without a single shot fired.  Just after noon on Friday, Jonesboro Police responded to a home on Vista court--located off Highway 1 south in Jonesboro.  Police say they got a call that there was an individual that may have made threats against himself or a family member. Police say at the time they had reason to believe the man inside may have been armed.

"When we got out here initially, we were not able to make voice contact.  We did believe the individual knew that we were outside," said Public Information Officer for JPD, Steve McDaniel.

Police cars lined parts of Highway 1 south as Jonesboro Police, the SWAT team and negotiators waited for the situation to be resolved.  It wasn't until several hours later, police say they got new information that allowed them to scale back police.

"The build up of police, in particular the swat members, that were out here was because we believed that he may have made threats and we at some point may have to take action in that regard. What we later learned is that he probably didn't make those threats to someone else," said McDaniel.

Police were able to make more contact with the man inside, and did leave several police on the scene as his welfare was still a concern.

"What we would like to do is make contact with him and make sure everything is ok and prove or disprove that he's made threats to himself so that we could get the appropriate help to him if that was indeed the case," said McDaniel.

The man, whose name is not being released, surrendered peacefully around 8:00 Friday night.

He's being held in custody pending a psychological evaluation.  Police don't expect to file any criminal charges.