Brookland Loses Power as Kids Make Way to School

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) -The town of Brookland lost power in the early morning hours as a storm system rolled through Region 8.  For Brookland Schools, it was class as usual.  School administrators were told Craighead Electric should have the power on quickly, so they opted to open their doors to students.

At Brookland Elementary teachers used flashlights to get kids down the dark hallways and into their classrooms.  Teachers opened the blinds and let natural light in and once they got the kids settled down, it was class as usual.  They used learning games, journaling, and story telling as opportunities for learning.  As for lunch, the kitchen has gas powered cooking, so the cooks fired up some hot dogs.

"We like to go to school," said elementary principal Nicole Covey. "We didn't want to miss another day, so we just decided it's learning as normal, minus the electricity."

As of midday, the power to the city of Brookland is still out and no word on when it might be restored.