Piggott Schools Re-Open Wednesday

PIGGOTT (KAIT) After an unexpected 11 day break, today Piggott schools opened it's doors.

Many of the students still do not have power. Some just have generators. Even the school itself doesn't have regular electricity.

Sheleen and Amber are fairly typical of the students I met today at Piggott High School. Many still do not have electricity unless it is supplied by a generator.

Mr. Simpson's ag business class had a little difficulty with generator v line power but they figured it out eventually.

Administration expected a lesser attendance today but only 31 students out of 470 were absent.

Superintendent Ed Winberry wants parents to know that school officials understand what is going on.

"Take care of your children. Do what you need to do. We'll have school and if you can't get them here. We understand."

Of course Piggott couldn't even have school today if it wasn't for the Arkansas Air National Guard bringing generators and hooking them up to the various buildings.

On Sunday the guard brought in 19 generators and they were all on line by Monday.

Being off two weeks is causing some concern for students. Senior Amber Moore needs to be filling out scholarship paperwork.

"It's important, as a senior we do that stuff here at school."

Junior Sheleen Johnson is concerned about studying for her ACT's and her distance learning college classes.

"I have college classes for distance learning. That's going to be hard to catch up with it will be difficult but it will be ok."

I asked Mr. Winberry about making up the days. He says it's up to the state.

"It's all up in the air right now. I can't promise anybody anything but were definitely going to go talk to them. Nobody knows right now how many days we're gonna have to make up. Or anything about the testing. It's all up in the air. "

For now the school operates as normal with the hum of generators in the back ground.

Superintendent Winberry says that all the superintendents in Clay county will meet soon to discuss what information to take to the state.