Straight Line Winds Cause Damage in Region 8

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -- Strong storms move through Region 8 leaving destruction behind.  June White lives in a trailer just outside of pleasant plains.  After the storm her home is completely destroyed.  The National Weather Service has ruled the damage was caused by straight line winds, and those winds ripped the metal roof off of her home.

White's daughter Dreema Rogers is working on packing up her mom's belongings.

"You see it but when it's your own that's when you think of it as the worst," said Rogers.  "It's just ruined. A lot of her stuff is ruined but we've saved some things but the memories here were great.

The wind actually pushed the trailer backwards into a big tree that held it in place.  Insulation from the home hangs in broken trees behind the house.

Friends and neighbors are helping Rogers pack up her mom's stuff and move what they can in with her and put the rest in storage.

Since her husband passed away White had been sleeping right in the living room right where the roof collapsed in.  If it weren't for her already being in the hospital who knows what could've happened.

"I just thank God that she wasn't here last night," said Rogers.