Poplar Bluff preacher wins big on "Price is Right"

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - A local Baptist preacher winds up in the spotlight on the game show "The Price is Right."

The show aired Wednesday morning on KFVS 12, and now Steve Proctor finally gets to talk publicly not only about his experience and his big win! He was actually on the show two months ago, so imagine waiting this long to see the show on the air.
"As far as excitement goes on a scale of 1-10...it was an 11," said Proctor. 
Steve Proctor is the Senior Pastor at Westwood Baptist Church in Poplar Bluff. 
In December, he spoke at a college in Los Angeles. Steve and his wife Nancy had an extra day to spend in the city.  Nancy suggested a TV show. They chose "The Price is Right."
"Then she said...they choose their contestants right out of the audience. I said, 'Well that would be fun'," said Proctor. 
Steve says because of the noise the producers told the crowd to look for their names on cue cards to see if they'd been chosen.
"This is the actual card they held up and when I saw it I couldn't believe it," he said, holding up the cue card with his name. "I said that's me and I looked at my wife and she said...that's you!"
He says he was very nervous.
"As a matter of fact. I was so nervous I could hardly breathe," said Proctor. 
His wife Nancy felt the same way.
"I was hyperventilating, could hardly breathe...screaming my lungs out," said Nancy Proctor. 
He first won a desk.
"The price was $1899. I paid $1860."
Then came time to spin the wheel. The other contestant got a dollar.
"I'm thinking you can't beat a dollar," said Proctor. But, Proctor got a dollar too, and they actually tie two more times before Steve wins and starts dancing.
"There I am supposed to be a dignified Baptist preacher and I'm doing the moonwalk on stage with Drew Carey," said Proctor. 
Then it's showcase time.  Steve passes the first showcase and gets one which includes a new truck. And, guess what...he wins!!! 
Steve has his wife to thank for convincing him to go on the show in the first place.
"Thank you dear," Proctor said as he kissed his wife. "It's an experience I'll never forget."
Steve won more than $43,000 in cash and prizes.  He is still waiting on his winnings to arrive. The show producers said the cash and prizes would start coming after the show aired.