Homeowner, Spare That Tree!

JONESBORO (KAIT) Between the recent ice and winds our trees here in Region 8 have taken a beating.

Many are being cut up into fire wood or hauled off to a landfill. But hold up on that saw. Some trees can be saved.

First you want to make sure all the broken branches are clear of power or cable wires.

Todd Smith, Harmony Gardens, "A lot of branches still hanging from the tree. Just a major safety concern so we need to get in and remove those and we see a lot of that at this point."

Once that's done you need to evaluate the tree's condition and appearance.

Smith, "First thing we're going to be looking at to see whether we correctively prune the tree or should remove the tree is obviously the amount of damage to the particular tree."

A missing top or stripped side, the tree probably needs to go.

If you decide to prune remove as little as possible so the tree will fill out. And now is a good time to prune.

Smith, "Now is the best time to prune the tree . There's damage going on so what you want to do is minimize that damage."

With as much damage as these trees have sustained sometimes you got to turn to an expert.

Smith, "Especially if you still have hangers in the tree. That's a good time to get help cause professionals know how to handle that and get them to the ground."

Make sure any pro you hire is licensed and bonded.

The willow tree that Smith's guys were working on was a willow.

Even though a lot was broken and taken off Todd says it should recover.

Smith, "The willow see how is already real thin so we're gonna create that from every point and it will begin to weep again.So a willow is something that I think will recover from that."