Bald Eagle Rescued from Tree

BROOKINGS, AR (KAIT) -- A bald eagle found stuck in a tree in Brookings is lucky to be alive.

"The reason it was upside down in a tree is because it had leather straps that falconers refer to as jesses around its legs which caused it to get trapped in the branches of the tree," said non-game migratory bird program coordinator Karen Rowe.

"They thought it was dead and so they shot the limb that it was hanging from and as it fell it kind of woke up and they realized it was alive," said Dr. Archie Ryan of Southwest Animal Clinc.

The bird is now being treated by Dr. Ryan for it's injuries to both her legs and her chest.  They say if she had not been rescued she would have died.

How this bird got in the tree is now a question that the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission want answered.

"The only way that you'd be allowed to possess a bird like a bald eagle is if you were a rehabilitator yourself or if you were a federally permitted educator," said Rowe.

"There are very few people in the states that have a permit to keep bald eagles and so they were worried that somebody had kept this one in captive that didn't have a permit," said Ryan.

They've contacted offices across the country to try to find out if anyone has reported a bald eagle missing.

Before they release it back into it's habitat they want to try to learn more about the history of this bald eagle.  Dr. Ryan says the injuries are healing nicely and it shouldn't be too long before this bird will fly again.

If you have any information about this bald eagle you are urged to contact Karen Rowe with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission at 1-877-873-4651.