Despite Tough Economic Times, Local Pawn Shop Still Thriving

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- Thousands have lost their jobs and many businesses have closed their doors, but one type of business in Region 8 is actually thriving.  Despite an unpredictable economy, Totem Pole Pawn Shop Owner, Loyel Harris says business is good. With money tight, he says pawning items is a resource for many wanting to make some quick cash.

"Basically when they come through the door, they are motivated to do something with it. That's what we do, we try to offer them as best we can for what they have," said Harris.

From high end TV's, tools, and even jewels, Harris said he noticed a spike in business beginning late last year.

"....Bringing in high dollar stuff to get money for Christmas. They have since picked most of it back up," said Harris.

Harris says early tax returns mean more money in pockets, and more customers in the store.

"That's kind of what a pawn shop does,  it gives them the opportunity to get back on their feet or get some money in their pockets until they can get ahead," said Harris.

Harris says another boost in business came when the ice storm was over and clean up began.

"It's been a stimulant, even though it was bad," said Harris.

Harris says at least 2 dozen people have been in his store looking for chainsaws and climbing gear.  He says they're hoping to make some money cleaning up the damage mother nature left behind.