Funny Money Found in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Some funny money is making its way around Region 8.  Jonesboro Police are taking steps to keep the counterfeiters from cashing in.  There are three locations in the city that have had fake cash come in and in one of the cases the cashier noticed there was something funny about the cash he was offered.

"The store clerk recognized that the $20 was counterfeit," said Detective Chris Poe.

Twelve $20's and Seventeen $100 bills are in police evidence.  And detectives say more could be out there.

"There are a lot more of these.  We're following up on leads and working with the Secret Service to try to stop it," said Poe.

One of the bills was taken at this McDonalds on Nettleton Avenue, another at Bill's Fresh Market on Johnson Avenue.  Police found even more at the Gee Street Market.

This counterfeit cash adds up to just under $2,000.  Investigators say the funny money was made using two real $100 bills and two real $20 bills.

"None of these serial numbers have shown up or have been reported to the Secret Service as of yet.  That doesn't mean they haven't been used somewhere else in the United States," said Poe.

There are several things about this counterfeit money that show that it is not real.  There are markings on the bills where the ink doesn't completely cover up the paper, another tell tale sign is the quality of the paper.

"The first tip that most people will see when they look at counterfeit money is they will see that the paper just isn't right," said Poe.

Detective Poe said every year at this time there's an influx of counterfeit money and they need the help of the public to put a stop to it.

For businesses that fall for the phony money there is really little that can be done.  If there's an arrest in the case the convicted counterfeiter can be made to pay restitution, but in other cases the store may just be out the money.

The four serial numbers that the culprits used in the counterfeit money are:

$20 GH25962733A

$20 GH26156325A

$100 DG53181135A

$100 FB12163044D