The Red Cross Needs Your Help

BLYTHEVILLE (KAIT)  Since the beginning of it's fiscal year in July, the Red Cross has had to deal with 3 major disasters as well as a host of local fires.

The costs have been staggering and the organization needs your help.

According to Northeast Chapter Executive Director Pam Knapp-Carver,

"The ice storm alone is in excess of 600 thousand. So over a billion for sure for what we have done this fiscal year."

The local chapters can help to a point but often they have to ask for assistance.

Knapp-Carver, "If it exceeds 50 thousand dollars most of the time a chapter can't really handle anything over that. So we go to national headquarters and ask for help."

The help can include, money, supplies and personnel.

With 12 counties in its district the group has a lot of ground to cover and once the funds from national have been used.

Knapp-Carver, "That money needs to go back into that fund so that the next time something happens that money is there."

Besides large disasters the local chapters deal with problems closer to home.

Knapp-Carver, "We've already spent upwards of a 100 thousand dollars since July 1 on single family we need that money coming in also."

With severe weather season less than a month away you may see those Red Cross trucks a lot. But the past year's disasters have really tapped their resources and the Red Cross is looking for your help."

Knapp-Carver, "We're scraping the bottom, we're surviving but we really could use some help."

March is National Red Cross Month and they are looking for some "heroes" to come to their aid.

Knapp-Carver, "We would like to get a minimum of 5 people from each of our 12 counties and have each of those 5 try to raise a thousand dollars each."

The money can be raised any way you want as long as it's legal and it must be done during the month of March. Other fund raising events will include a mystery dinner theater, chili supper and a Broadway musical revue.

Having lots of need and low funds are not a problem in Arkansas alone.

Knapp-Carver, "All the chapters are hurting a little bit and national headquarters is hurting right now."

If you would like to help out or be a hero, here are the numbers you can call to volunteer.

1-870-932-3212  or 1-870-763-4481