Breaking News Update: Mother of Indicted Man Is Speaking Out

Memphis, TN (KAIT) -- "It is a shock. That's all I can say.  It's just so much of a shock," said Ellen McNatt.

Robert Joseph Tower's mother is speaking out.  Police say Tower, who once lived in Paragould, is one of 8 men arrested on various charges of child exploitation.  Officials say Tower was arrested in Paris, TN by local authorities.  We spoke to his mother, Ellen McNatt, by phone late Thursday afternoon.  McNatt who lives in Paris, Tennessee, along with her son says she is devastated by the news.

"He says he didn't realize that it was wrong to watch it.  He should have known not to....but I think he definitely, definitely can be rehabilitated," said McNatt.

McNatt says her son is married--with a 4 year old son of his own. She describes him as a hard working man--and a devoted husband and father. She says it's been difficult trying to explain what happened to her grandson.

"When you do something wrong in school, you get time out.  So your dad is getting time out.  They're trying to help him at school deal with this," said McNatt.

McNatt calls her son "her rock." She says she, along with Tower's wife and son, are all in counseling.

"I just wrote him a letter this morning and told him to try and be as brave as he do this for his son," said McNatt.