A Small Business Thrives With "Sole"

JONESBORO (KAIT) It is going to be a tough year for small businesses. They have to find their niche or they will probably go under.

One small business has been booming in Jonesboro, They have real "Sole"

Calla Mae Pack, "Everything we've attempted to do in our married life has always turned out well."

Dossie Pack, "Our balance, it just kind of amazes us to look at it."

Dossie could be talking about his life or his bank balance.

The packs have owned their shoe repair shop for about 15 years, sharing the work and the rewards.

About 15 years ago the Packs bought into a thriving business.

Dossie pack, "With a long established reputation so I bought that as well as the business and property."

Besides shoe repair the Packs have added other features to the shop.

About 5 years ago Dossie went back to school to learn to be a pedorthist.

A specialty that makes people shoes adapt to problems with their feet.

Pack, "Inserts for people who have had accidents or things like that to make their feet more comfortable and make them able to go about their work."

Another unique feature is their St. Bernard, Max. How many stores have large canine help?

The store is actually divided into three parts. The back is the work shop, One side is the shoe section and the other is an embroidery shop.

Dossie Pack, "My daughter and my wife both run the embroidery side up there. We have 4 embroidery machines.

Daughter Lisa was putting the machine through its paces making the letter "B".

On the shoe side, Pack says he has two primary types of customers. People who wear boots.

"Boots are expensive so they don't want to replace them and also the men who buy expensive shoes and they want to get them redone."

A small business can survive in today's recession. You have to find that special niche,  and as Dossie told me you have to have "Soul" .

"Recession, I don't know anything about a recession. He takes care of my recession, this is the main man in this business."

The higher power who wore a pair of sandals.