Newport Police Department Warns of What They Call An Email Scam

Newport, AR (KAIT) -- Newport Police say an email received by at least one Newport resident is designed to scare people into sending money to a stranger.  Police also say the email is a scam. The email claims the sender has been hired to kill the recipient.  The email goes on to say, if the recipient sends 5-thousand dollars, the sender will give the name of the person who wants the recipient dead.

"The detectives ran a check on the Internet using a search engine of Google, and got a lot of hits on it. They researched it, and found that it's a scam that's going on everywhere it seems like," said Newport Police Chief, Michael Scudder.

Police say only one person has reported receiving the email, but they warn more could be circulating.  Fortunately, the person who did receive the email didn't send in any money, and Newport Police want to make sure no one falls for what they're calling a scam.

"Don't think about sending them money. We're glad that this was brought to us simply to warn people about it," said Scudder.

Police say this email does not originate in the United States.  Scudder says there's not a whole lot local police can do in a situation like this.  He says the best thing police can do is warn the public.

"If you get an email and it's from a person you don't recognize, delete it, don't even open it up.