Jonesboro City Officials Asking For Feedback About Master Street Plan

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- Curious eyes examined preliminary master street plans for the City of Jonesboro.  The city is urging people to look at these maps and give their feedback.  Jonesboro Mayor, Harold Perrin, says he's already getting plenty of comments on some proposed road plans on the north side of town.

"The north, actually the bypass on Thomas Green and the fact that you've got a school district there and you've got other things there. That's been proposed back in 88 and in the 90's," said Perrin.

Mary Savage built what she calls her dream home located on Thomas Green Road.  She says she moved there  to get away from a lot of traffic and noise. She fears a new road would bring closer what she and her husband were trying to get away from.

"It's country out there and you know, we don't need all of that traffic. I think they could move that highway up a little further north. I think there are things more important than getting somewhere  just a little bit quicker," said Salvage.

Karen Barker has lived on Thomas Green for ten years.  With the map and comment sheet in hand, she's curious about the plans and ready to give her feedback.

Mayor Harold Perrin says these plans are not definite. He says the city needs feedback in order to address citizens concerns and move forward with a plan for the city.

"The more information we get on this plan, we'll go back to the people who have drafted this and sit down and start looking and see if we can make some changes on it," said Perrin.