No Insurance - CDC Reports Higher Percentage with No Insurance

February 24, 2009

A new study from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) shows 34% of young adults ages 20-24 do not have insurance.

With this struggling economy many college students are skipping the doctor to save money. But there is help for sick students at Arkansas State University.

"But I didn't know that there was a nurse practitioner that could see you if you were sick and my husband and i didn't have insurance so this would have been perfect for us because we were both in school at the same time."

Renata Vaughn is talking about the Student Health Center located on ASU'S campus, for students only.

She was an ASU student and now she's the Director of the Center. She says they do not accept any form of insurance at the Health Center. She knows these free doctor's visits can literally be a life saver.

"You have a lot of kids who came in and they had AR-Kids 1st and when they turned 18 they lost it and a lot of it is that even the parents don't have an insurance to cover their children. Even if they have insurance they still don't have a lot of money to go with a $30 co-pay."

While there is no charge for the office visit and exam, students do have to pay for lab work.

"A lot of times, our labs are still less expensive than someone who had insurance."

Vaughn is proud to be a part of something she knows is helping students while they may be struggling with finances, because she was once there.

"I wish I would have known more about this when I was going to school here, unfortunately there's not enough students who know about it."

The Student Health Center