Electric Bills From The Power Outage

PARAGOULD (KAIT) Many in Region 8 now have their power and cable restored but the question is? What is going to be on my utility bill. Some companies are still charging for the off time.

Paragould has nearly 12 Thousand electric customers and around 10 thousand cable customers. All the power has been restored but the cable will probably not be back on for everybody until late this week.

Many are asking about what will be on their utility bills as far as the off periods are concerned.

In Paragould Bill Fisher the General Manager of PLWC says power should be no problems.

"There is no power being used during that period of time and there would be no charge for electric during that period of time."

PLWC still had to pay for incoming cable programming but Fisher says customers who were without cable should not have to. However the customer has some responsibility.

Fisher, "Anyone who did not have cable, all they need to do is call 239 7700 and we'll give them credit for the number of days they were out."

If you do not call you may be held responsible for all the off time.

Fisher says this is lost revenue for the country but they will just have to take the loss.

We suggest that you contact your utility providers to find out what they are doing about the off time and your bill. I have listed a few numbers.

PLWC  239 7700

Sudden Link    935-3615

New Wave Communications     1-888-883-9928