Keeping Your Job in this Economy

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- It is a very tough time right now.  In the past year millions of people have lost their jobs.  In many cases, jobs have been lost that people have held for decades.

What do you need to do to keep the job you already have?  There are many people who are hard workers who put in the extra effort to not only do their job, but to do their job well.

"I started kind of at the bottom of the chain and I worked my way to be a master tech," said John Oberg.

Oberg works at Cavanaugh Hyundai in Jonesboro.  It's taken a lot of determination to get where he is now, a good employee.

"A lot of hard work a lot of patience having a good relationship with all of the employees and my service managers," said Oberg.

In his time with Cavanaugh he's seen a lot of different types of co-workers, and not all were good employees.

"Seen some that were really good and willing to do it and others were just there for the pay check.  It was like they could care less about the job or how they did the job," said Oberg.

It takes more than just doing your job.

Experts say employers notice if you're flexible and have a positive attitude.  They also notice those who stand out from the crowd and are team players.

"If you got a job and they knock you down a notch don't complain about it.  As long as you still have a job you may have to do some dirty work.  If you complain they can get rid of you because there's somebody else out there that wants your job," said Oberg.

Employers don't want to lay their workers off, in fact a lay off is usually only done as a last resort.  For those who want to keep their jobs, experts say you need to be the best employee you can possibly be.

"If it comes down to do the dirty work, do the dirty work and don't complain," said Oberg.

One important thing to remember, it doesn't matter how good of an employee you are if your company has to make cuts even great employees can be laid off.

Tips to be a good employee:

Know your Job

Show up on Time

Come to Work

Go above and Beyond Expectations

Offer to Help Out