A Degree Doesn't Guarantee Employment

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- "We're overwhelmed with how many came in.  It's not anything like we expected," said Rusty Acebo.

Local businessman, Rusty Acebo, says he was flooded with responses to an ad for an entry level position at LensMasters in Jonesboro.

"No extensive education is required. It's basically hands-on and we train the individual. We've gotten some applicants with Bachelor degrees, a Masters, Ph.D.," said Acebo.

Acebo says many are victims of a sluggish economy; whether it's searching for a job to no avail or being let go from the one they had.

"A couple of times we've heard, don't let my past salary scare you away from hiring me, I really need to work," said Acebo.

Scott Holden, owner of Express Employment Professionals, in Jonesboro, says they're seeing people accept positions that in a stronger economy, they probably would not take.

Holden says if you're getting feedback that potential employers feel you're overqualified, he says be persistent.  He suggests letting employers know you're interested in a career change and that you're willing to do what needs to be done to meet your family's needs.