Alternative Energy Coming to Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Nordex announced they would be coming to Jonesboro back in October of 2008.  Now the company is even closer to breaking ground.

"You can't help but get excited because all of us have doubts and fears with industry and economies," said Nordex Vice President for Production Joe Brenner.

But there are no doubts or fears for those working on the Jonesboro facility for Nordex, especially after getting President Obama's endorsement>

"One thing he did discuss on alternative is companies like Nordex.  Using the nature of wind to provide energy," said Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin.

"To support our future we now have the support of the us government and it crosses both party lines," said Brenner.

Nordex makes windmills.  Brenner said construction on their $100,000,000 facility in Jonesboro should start in the next several months.  When finished in five years, it expects to employ 700 people>

"It means jobs, it means career paths, it means a future for the next generation," said Brenner.

Region 8 workers won't have to wait.  There will also be jobs when construction starts.

"The future is here to stay for wind energy.  It is now becoming very efficient.  The demand is increasing and the United States is now a leader in the output and production of wind energy," said Brenner.

The wind turbine needs $3,500 parts, so it's likely that other suppliers could also move production to Jonesboro in the future.  Brenner said wind energy needs to be set up globally and while this is its first U.S. facility, it likely won't be the last.

"Fossil fuels are depleting but the wind energy cost is pretty much the same cost.  There's no charge for wind if you can find it and you know where it's at," said Brenner.

Groundbreaking for construction of the facility should start between May and September of this year.