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Snakehead Eradication

Snakehead Eradication

Why is eradication necessary?

Because snakeheads

  • Are aggressive top predators that eat most fish species
  • Are strong competitors with other fish species
  • Can tolerate Arkansas water temperatures year-round
  • Can spawn up to five times a year
  • Can severely impact fisheries
  • Thrive in delta environments with sluggish water with vegetation, undercut banks and low oxygen.
  • Can survive out of water for up to three days in a moist environment
  • Can breathe air and move short distances on land, using their fins to create a snakelike motion

The AGFC must act now to attempt to eradicate this nuisance species. Infestation of the White River National Wildlife Refuge is highly likely - these aggressive fish could invade the lower Mississippi River.


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