StarTek Speeds Up Hiring Process

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- There is some good news in a bad economy.  With more companies cutting back or shutting down all together, Denver-based StarTek is beefing up its workforce.  The company will be filling around 150 positions over the next several weeks, primarily customer service representative positions.

"We have room for 500 customer service reps, and then any support staff that needs to go along with those," said StarTek's Recruiting Manager, Lacey Williams.

StarTek handles customer service for a fortune 100 wireless telecom client. While these hires have been in the plans for StarTek, officials now want the hiring done sooner rather than later.

Williams cites forecasting, demand, and higher call volume, as reasons for speeding up the hiring process.  Not only is StarTek speeding up the hiring process, there's more good news.  As more people come in, that means promotions for some already working here.

"We've only been open for seven months and we've already promoted people into supervisors and operations managers and everything that you can think of," said Williams.

Williams says StarTek plans to have those 150 positions filled in about six weeks.  They are jobs that are attracting people region wide.

"You  really have to be able to handle customers all day everyday to be able to do this job. We've been very fortunate and been able to pick just the right people to work here so far," said Williams.

You can also learn more about StarTek at, or call 870-934-4300.

You can also stop by StarTek in Jonesboro to get more information.