Santa-dressed assailant sentenced to 11 years in prison

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro man who donned a Santa costume and went to the Brookland Schools superintendant's home with violent intentions will spend time in prison.

34 year old Steven Craig Vaughn was sentenced Monday to 11 years in prison for first degree battery and aggravated residential burglary.

The incident happened in December, 2007 when Vaughn, dressed in a Santa costume, drove to Brookland Superintendent Kevin McGaughey's home with a loaded pistol.

Vaughn told police that his wife worked for the school in 2007. He said she had been attacked by a student and the superintendant did nothing to help her.

McGaughey and his son were able to fight the man off until police arrived but say the images of the event will scar their home forever.

McGaughey suffered a cut on his face and some cracked ribs in the struggle, while Vaughn's head was bleeding when JPD Officer Tony Zaffarano arrived to stop the incident.