Student Business Expo 2009

RECTOR (KAIT) With today's economy being what it is, It is never too early to begin to learn the 4th "R" real-life economics.

28 Teams from 9 schools came together to compete in all out business war, just like real life.

The 2nd Annual Business Expo was held at Rector on Wednesday. Students were judged in 5 areas ranging from their business card design to how well they scored on an economics test.

Gail Burns whose school hosted the event says the students took their ideas from real life needs.

"I also think they are very concerned about what are the basic needs. What do people really want to make their life better and how can they satisfy those needs."

Ideas ranged from painted caps with proceeds going to charity, to shopping services for those not able to get out, a light for your car that shows cops you are buckled up to doggy perfume.

Hypo allergenic and good for the skin.

The contestants were judged by students from the ASU School of Business. Junior Creed Tumlison says everything the kids did was scrutinized very closely.

"We've looked at everything from business plans, marketing plans, the commercials, seeing how creative the products were."

The competition is held annually and open to 5th - 8th grade students from any Northeast Arkansas school.