Drug Bust On ASU Campus Yields Heroin, LSD

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- Jonesboro Police can't say much, but they will say a drug bust Tuesday night turned up some potent drugs, including LSD and heroin.

The bust happened in married student housing at ASU in Jonesboro. Police arrested Mark Inman and his wife, Laura Inman. Officers say both face a list of drug charges with the possibility of more charges to come.

"We believe they were selling heroin out of that residence," said Jason Cook.

Jason Cook, a member JPD's PROWL Unit, says he was a little surprised to find heroin in the couple's campus apartment.

"It's very unusual for around here...especially heroin. We see LSD every once in a while, but heroin...this is pretty much brand new for us," said Cook.

Police say the bust is the result of a four month investigation. Several departments including JPD, the Craighead County Sheriff's Department , ASU police and the Drug Task Force worked together to get these drugs before the drugs got to the streets.  Police say the drugs will be sent to the state crime lab to determine the official weight of each item.