Cold Weather Catfishing Tips

Many anglers miss out on a wonderful opportunity to do some really great catfish fishing because they don't take advantage of fishing during the winter months. When the warm weather comes to an end the fishing gear is packed up and stored away until spring rolls around again. These anglers really don't know what they are missing.

However, as word is spreading about all the benefits winter catfish fishing has to offer it is beginning to grow in popularity all the time and more anglers are taking advantage of the great fishing the cold weather has to offer.

Some of the advantages to fishing in the wintertime include the lakes not being as crowded as they are in the warmer months and there will be less noise to scare the fish away. Wintertime also provides a great opportunity for you to catch some really large catfish which is always a pleasant way to end a fishing trip. Here are a few winter fishing for catfish tips to help you take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer.

Selecting the Right Bait for Winter Catfish Fishing
Selecting the right bait for winter catfish fishing is not as difficult as you might think. You will always have good luck with bait that imitates the natural food source of the water in which you are fishing but having a variety of different options available will ensure your success.

Below is a list of the bait that is among the most favorite of many anglers when fishing in the winter:
Stink Baits
Chicken Blood
Chicken Liver
Dead Minnows
Cut Bait

If possible you should take along a variety of bait when you head out catfish fishing so you will have the option of switching off if they are not taking the bait you start off using. Sometimes the catfish will respond better to one type of bait than another and you have no way of knowing in advance what they will be in the mood for.

When choosing the best bait to use consider the average size of the catfish in the body of water you are fishing. Bait that is too small will be ignored by the larger catfish and bait that is to large will not be taken by the smaller ones.

Using the wrong size bait can keep you from getting the most from your fishing trips and keep in mind that normally fishing near the bottom of the water will get you the best results when you are winter catfish fishing.

You also need to be aware that the catfish will move slower during the winter than they do during the spring and fall so you have to compensate for this by moving the bait at a slow even pace. Like most all species of fish the catfish will gather together in groups even in the wintertime, so your first job is to find where they are congregating together.