Maynard Students Learn Lessons After Mock Car Crash

Maynard, AR -- (KAIT) -- It's not a real crash scene....but the lessons Maynard  High School students are learning, are real.

Maynard High School senior, Haley Quest, is among dozens of students participating in a mock car crash. The goal is to teach students the dangers of destructive driving habits like not wearing a seatbelt, texting while driving, and drinking and driving.

"Driving is an actual responsibility and we want them to realize that," said Maynard teacher, Amy Lynch.

Lynch says she hopes with EMT's, police officers and fire fighters participating, it sets a very realistic scene.  A scene and consequences, she hopes the students don't forget.

"We hope that if we can just keep one kid from a dangerous car accident because of texting while driving...that's our goal," said Lynch.

For students watching that performance, many say it's a show they won't forget.  One student said the car doesn't move until everyone is buckled up.