New State Wide Rule Affect Anglers

JONESBORO, Ar (KAIT) - Two new state wide fishing regulations took effect January 1st.

One allows the use of wood or cane poles to be anchored in the bottom of AGFC owned lakes to support yo-yo's and limb lines.

Fisherman may legally drive wooden stakes or push cane poles into the bottom of an AGFC lake to hold yo-yo's or limb lines. However, any metal rods (such as rebar) are not legal for this purpose. Metal post or rods in the water are hazards for boats. Wood an cane poles aren't as hazardous because boats bump over them or push them out of the way. All poles must be removed when the angler is done fishing.

Another statewide regulation concerns measuring fish. The description of properly measuring fish received the additional words of on its side. A fish's length is properly measured from the top of its nose to the tip of the tail with the tail's lobes pressed together. The fish must be resting on its side.