Northeast Arkansas Crappie Get Away

JONESBORO, Ar (KAIT) - Two of NEA's best crappie hot spots offer peaceful get away's all year to the avid crappie fisherman.

Lake Poinsett near Harrisburg and Lake Charles near Powhatan are possibly two of the best crappie hideouts in Region 8. These two lakes contain very goo number of harvestable size fish in the area of one to three quarters of a pound. Poinsett's crappie seem to be slightly bigger then many others around the area also.

Both lakes are watershed lakes created by damming one end of a valley. Both lakes have stump fields, neither is congested enough to warrant boat lanes though. At Lake Charles the stump fields become pretty obvious because it is drawn down to flood the green tree reservoir at Shirey Bay Rainey Brake Wildlife Management Area.

Productivity is rarely an issue on the lakes. Water clarity is usually around 18 inch, depending on the weather, and both lakes usually have a good bloom of plankton in the summer. (Lake Poinsett is fertilized to give it a good bloom, Lake Charles is not.)

Arkansas State Parks and AGFC have built facilities on both lakes to make them more enjoyable to the public. Both lakes have boat ramps that make them accessible for boaters as well as piers for that fisherman fishing off of the bank can fish. Lake Charles also contains a swimming area.