Colleges Must Deal With Students Needing Remedial Help

BLYTHEVILLE (KAIT) College is expensive these days. And if you don't have the grades--getting a scholarship to pay for it could be out of reach.

But a new Arkansas bill could change all that-- by increasing the availability of scholarships.

But, could a smaller college handle a large influx of students who might need academic help.

One Region Eight school says they can.

Arkansas Northeastern College in Blytheville has students who want either an academic program or technical .

Having shortfalls in basic education skills in incoming students is a common thing that the school must deal and assist with.

Dr. Blanche Sanders the college prep chairperson says, "About 85% need remediation in more or more courses. And our highest level of remediation is in math that's about 90 %."

Despite graduating from high school or having years of experience in the workplace, many new students are not ready for college classes.

Sandra Dent is going to college for the first time to work on getting her teaching degree.

Dent, "I've never been to college, I graduated from high school but I'd never been in a college atmosphere and I didn't know what to expect."

What she can expect is help.

Doctor Sanders says at Arkansas Northeastern College they don't see an influx as a problem but as a great thing for Arkansas.

"I feel that it's very important to have all the options that we can have available to us to provide Arkansans with greater access to college."

Dr. Sanders says many students complain about taking the non credit prep courses. She assures them the courses are necessary.

"You're missing some gaps in your education therefore you're not at the level of taking college level courses."

ANC's learning assistance is open to all students--providing computer access, remedial classes and tutoring.

Billy Edings is blind and depends on his tutor carol for special assistance.

"I get tutored quite a bit, she's basically my eyes because we do a lot of reading because I'm a cis major. We do a lot of reading we work in here a lot."

Students say the atmosphere is conducive to learning.

If there is a large influx of students needing academic help, it will be ok with Arkansas Northeastern.

Currently the learning assistance center has five instructors and several tutors.

Doctor Sanders says more help is only a phone call away.