Charges Pending Against Hardy Couple Who Left Houseful Of Abandoned Animals

Hardy, AR (KAIT) -- Concerned neighbors tipped off police something just wasn't right one  Hardy home.  Dozens of parasite ridden dogs, cats, and other small animals abandoned--living in their own filth and feces.  For some of the animals, last Friday's rescue came too late.

"As they get sicker and sicker, they get less mobility and that's how they end up dying. There were three dead inside the home," said Northeast Arkansans' For Animals', Wannda Turner.

Northeast Arkansans for Animals assisted Hardy police and the health department in this rescue. Police say the couple living in the home hadn't been there since around February 25th.

"Last couple of years, on different occasions, I've had to go in there and talk to these folks because they would gather up so many dogs and cats," said Hardy Police Chief, Ernest Rose.

NAFA's Wannda Turner says this is yet another case of animal hoarding...taking in animals, starting off with good intentions, but quickly becoming overwhelmed by the cost of care.

The economy is making this worse and worse.  It's bringing this to light because food has gone up and expenses have gone up. It's difficult enough if you've got 1, 2 or 3 dogs or cats but imagine having 40 plus animals that one person has to take care of," said Turner.

In addition to dozens of animals, police say they also found drug paraphernalia inside the home.  Police say formal charges against the couple are pending.  As for the animals rescued, they are being treated for the various illnesses. Turner says only time will tell how much damage has been done.

"For the time we have them, they will get love and care and treats and fuzzy bunnies and they'll know that somebody loves them," said Turner.