Grizzlies give season-ticket buyers peace of mind

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - The Memphis Grizzlies know the economic times make it tough to plunk down money for season tickets. So they are sweetening the deal.

The Grizzlies announced Monday their prices for the 2009-10 season with returning season-ticket buyers not seeing a price change for a fourth straight season.

They also are offering up some fan-suggested changes to encourage people to plunk down their money.

The team is cutting 5% off season-ticket purchases for those renewing by April 17. They also will get up to 10 months to pay for their tickets.

But the best part? The Grizzlies are guaranteeing 100% refunds for unplayed games to season-ticket holders who renewed only to experience an "unexpected economic downtown" before Nov. 1.

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