Turkey Tagging and Checking Requirements

Step 1
Immediately upon taking a turkey, and before moving game, the hunter must remove the appropriate turkey tag from his license and fill out the required information legibly in ink. The tag must be securely fastened to the the leg of a turkey. The tag must remain on the turkey until final processing and storage.

  • Disability and 65 Plus Lifetime License holders, hunters under 16 years of age and Mississippi license holders under the Reciprocal Hunting License Agreement must immediately, upon taking a turkey, remove and fill out thegame tag provided in the hunting guidebook legibly in ink. You may substitute a piece of paper for this tag if it includes the hunter's name, the date, time and zone number, written legibly in ink, from which the turkey was taken.
  • If a turkey was killed, refer to the turkey zone map in the hunting guidebook and fill in the appropriate number in the zone column.
  • If a turkey was killed on a WMA, use the WMA zone number.

Step 2
Within 24 hours of taking a turkey, check (your own) game at a designated wildlife check station, at a designated deer camp, with an AGFC employee or online at http://gamecheck.agfc.com/. No big-game animal may be transported across state lines prior to being properly checked, unless  normal travel routes require said hunter to cross a state line in direct route to an official wildlife check station. The check station number will be recorded on the game tag. If you choose to give away all or a portion of your game to another person, you will need to use a game transfer form.

Checking a Turkey on the Internet

 Note: This option is not available for wildlife management area permit hunts that require checking game at locations stated on the permit.

After completing Step 1 (above), proceed to Step 2 (below).

Step 2. Within 24 hours of taking a  turkey, log on to http://gamecheck.agfc.com/ and follow the instructions from the Web site. Entrails may be removed but evidence of the animal's gender must remain.

Step 3. The website will provide information to you.