Let's Be Friends

Sesame Street Live will make its way to the Convocation Center in Jonesboro, AR November 26-27. Show times are Nov. 26th at 7pm and Nov. 27th at 10:30am and 7pm. Tuesday, November 26th is KAIT night with discount tickets available at Robertson Brothers Furniture in Leachville.

Ticket prices are $17, $14 and $11.

The More the Merrier
When Elmo and Zoe start an exclusive friendship club that only allows monsters with orange or red fur, they quickly discover the more friends, the merrier! Soon the membership doors are thrown wide open to include birds, bugs, grouches and anyone who speaks other languages. Together the gang builds a giant clubhouse, cleans up Cookie Monster's room and even puts on a circus. Reflecting Sesame Workshop's commitment to academic and social education, "Let's Be Friends" includes practical lessons such as cleaning up your room and lessons on teamwork, loyalty and acceptance. Through singing, dancing, action and laughter galore, the message in "Let's Be Friends" is clear: If you have friends, you can do anything!

Sesame Street Live is presented by the VEE Corporation.