Investigators Say House Fire In North Jonesboro Started By Meth Lab

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- Investigators say a house fire neighbor Wayne Vinson caught on camera late Wednesday afternoon was started by someone making meth.   The house is located on Easy street  in north Jonesboro.

"The person was seen by an eyewitness leaving the house,  basically distributing components that he had carried out of the house across their front yard," said Jonesboro Fire Marshall, Jason Wills.

Jonesboro Police say they believe they know who was making the meth, but they have not released the name. Meanwhile, Jonesboro firefighters battled yet another blaze that they say was started by someone trying to make meth--using a method becoming all too familiar to law enforcement.

"This is our fifth or sixth fire that has been a direct result of an attempt to manufacture the one pot methamphetamine.  It's a big concern to us," said Wills.

Investigators say the fire started near a hallway bathroom. They say the person who left the scene was the only one in the house when the fire started.

Wayne Vinson says he was not surprised to see fire trucks and police outside his window.  His home is located near Easy street.  He says his car has been broken into a couple of times and the fence around his house has been kicked down. He says when he looked out and saw flashing lights--he assumed the worst.

"It's sad to see things happen the way it's happened," said Vinson.