Raccoon litter found in AR dumpster

  JPD Shooting

  Charlie and Maverick: A blind dog and his guide dog

The two hounds are capturing hearts with their new Instagram account. They already have more than 40,000 followers.

  Brain injuries from contact sports send thousands of children to ER yearly, CDC says

The study also found that boys are twice as likely than girls to get a brain injury.

  Jackson County murder investigation

  Police investigate use of force death

  Trial date set for accused cop killer

  Giant stingray spotted in Gulf of Mexico

A dive trip off the Florida coast spotted the giant stingray that was about 12-feet long from head to tail.

  New Madrid flooding woes

  Giant steer visits Petco

Oliver Browning and Shelly Lumpkin put the policy to the test this week when they brought Oliver, an African Watusi steer, into a Petco near Houston.


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