Gov. Parson announces special session

Gov. Parson announces special session
Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced a special session for the Missouri General Assembly.

MISSOURI (KFVS) - Governor Mike Parson announced on Thursday, August 30 the Missouri General Assembly will be called back in for a special session concurrent with the veto session.

The special session will take place the week of September 10-14 and will focus on the passage of computer science course access and awareness of career opportunities through STEM education as well as expanding treatment courts in the state of Missouri.

“When I addressed the General Assembly nearly three months ago, I pledged that I would change the tone and work with the legislature,” Gov. Parson said. “This call is a step in delivering that promise. These two issues were a part of the General Assembly’s historic session as they passed a number of their priorities. By working together to come up with a more narrowly defined focus, we will have better served the people of Missouri.”

The new STEM education requires Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to establish an online program to educate students about STEM careers and allows for multiple companies to apply to provide the program.

According to the governor, by passing this during a special session, it will allow for DESE to start the process of implementing it for the 2019-20 school year.

Though vetoed during the regular session due to the problematic language that had been added, according to Parson, both received strong bipartisan support.

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