Police officer works to save infant’s life

Keith Baggett, Jonesboro police officer, gets ready to perform CPR on baby. (Source: Jonesboro...
Keith Baggett, Jonesboro police officer, gets ready to perform CPR on baby. (Source: Jonesboro Police Department)((Source: Jonesboro Police Department))
Published: Sep. 4, 2018 at 6:52 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -A Jonesboro infant is fighting for his life after being struck by a car this weekend.

That fight may have ended days ago had it not been for the actions of a Jonesboro police officer.

Officer Keith Baggett was dispatched to the 1-year-old’s home Saturday in the 3000-block of Fairview.

“It was a tragic incident,” said Baggett. “I made it there in about two minutes.”

The little boy was playing in his yard and in a split second got away from his mother and ran out to the road.

That’s when a car hit the baby.

Baggett spent nearly 30 years on an ambulance and 9 years as an officer.

“I did a quick assessment on the child and determined he was not breathing and did not have a pulse, so I immediately began CPR,” said Baggett.

Baggett performed CPR as the child’s mother was pleading for him to save her baby.

It was the officer’s first time to perform CPR on a baby in his career.

“I was told sometime in transit to the hospital or after he arrived at the hospital they were able to resuscitate him,” said Baggett.

The veteran first responder has one simple message.

“If anybody is CPR certified, don’t be afraid to step in,” said Baggett. "You may not be a trained professional, but if you’ve had CPR training, don’t be afraid to step in. Every second is important.”

The child has since been taken to Le Bonheaur Children’s Hospital in Memphis.

Jonesboro Police Department said the child is in the Intensive Care Unit, still being treating there.

Region 8 News provides our thoughts and prayers to the child and his family.

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