New water meter readers alert customers through an app

New water meter readers alert customers through an app
City gets new meter readers that alert customers of water leaks through an app. (Source: Shelby Smithson)

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - There’s an app for everything these days, including one that alerts you to a water leak.

The city of Blytheville has upgraded to new meter readers in half of the city, and now they're working on the rest.

The new system not only sends the information straight to the city water department, but also straight to your smartphone through an app.

You can look up minute to minute water usage and receive alerts if you have a water leak.

"So it's a way to catch it, because in the past the only way to catch it was after a month or so when you get your bill, and you may get a huge bill because you had a leak," Chief Finance Officer John Callens said. "Now you can know it within minutes."

Callens said the new readers and software run about $1.5 million, but it will not cost customers a dime.

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