St Paul United Methodist Church builds “blessing box”

St Paul United Methodist Church builds “blessing box”

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro church is lending a helping hand to its community.

St. Paul's United Methodist Church has installed a "Blessing Box" on its grounds to help give food and bathroom products to those in need.

The box, which stands in the parking lot, also allows the community a chance to easily give. Just walk up, and put something in the box.

“This box is there if they want to come by and get something," Billy Vanderbilt, pastor of St Paul United Methodist Church said. "Most of the stuff is all they have to do is open up and eat it. And also, there’s personal hygiene items that will be in there.”

The box was put up two weeks ago.

Vanderbilt says that the box idea was borrowed from other churches.

He hopes the box will provide someone a meal who needs it, or help someone clean up when they’re job searching

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