Blytheville offering free WIFI to boost activity downtown

Blytheville providing free wifi on Main Street

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - In a push to get more people out and about in downtown, Main Street Blytheville and Ritter Communications now offer free WIFI.

Ritter donated the first tower set up on top of the Ritz Civic Center and they’re also paying for the service.

It allows shoppers and visitors to enjoy a free WIFI connection while they're on Main Street.

It’s something Main Street Blytheville has looked into for years and they are excited to have it up and running Tuesday.

"Some of us on the board were kicking around ideas of things we thought we needed downtown to try to boost some activity downtown and this came up," Executive Director of Main Street Blytheville LC Hartsfield said. "This is one of the things that came up, and we worked real close with some other people and it was just one of our visions and here we are three years later getting to see it actually operating."

The first tower covers about a block and a half.

Main Street Blytheville hopes to complete the second phase of the project and add another tower at the opposite end of Main Street offering even more coverage.

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