Osceola works up master plan to enlarge, upgrade airport

Osceola creates plan for airport upgrades

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) - The city of Osceola is known for its industrial growth and it’s only getting bigger.

But now it’s focusing on an aspect that hasn’t quite kept up with the times.

It's the Osceola Municipal Airport.

Its size cannot sustain the industries' corporate jets.

The main issue is the runway.

At only 3,800 feet long, many of the larger corporate planes can't land on the runway.

They have to land in West Memphis, Memphis, or Blytheville and then travel to Osceola.

Mayor Dickie Kennemore has been in touch with the Federal Aviation Administration and has come up with a master plan that will update and enlarge the current airport to allow their industry planes to utilize it.

"It would be just an additional asset that when we are recruiting an industry we can say that you can land your corporate jets right here," Kennemore said. "That's just among the other things that we have used that we feel like are advantages that Osceola has to attract industries."

Because of the airport's location, enlarging the airport with the needed 5,000-foot runway will require some costly hurdles.

So this plan covers an eight to ten-year span and is estimated to cost around $10 million.

Most of which will come from grants and money from the federal government’s aviation tax.

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